VANLEAD Group is one of the important manufacturers of fine chemicals in South China area with a long history, focusing on the production of fine chemicals such as paints, adhesive, forestry chemicals, papermaking chemicals, soundproof and warm-serving material for automobiles. Paint brand as "TV tower" "Green bamboo" "Nanfang", adhesive brand "Dongfeng" and synthetic camphor brand "White snow" are all well-known products and famous trademarks in Guangzhou city and Guangdong Province and enjoy a high reputation, which could be seen all over domestic and oversea markets.

Guangzhou Pearl River Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd, an affiliate of Vanlead Group, is a leading manufacturer in domestic paints industry with 80-year history in paint material production. It is the executive member entity of China Coating Material Industrial Association and executive vice-president entity of Guangdong Coating Material Association; In 2014 it was awarded gold prize of "Top 10 Paint Material Enterprises of Guangdong" by Guangdong Coating Material Association; In 2012 and 2014, it becomes one of Chinese top 10 paint brands most popular among dealers with a gold lacquer prize awarded by 《China Paint》. Zhujiang Chemical Group owns a good R&D and technology foundation, with two R&D center of provincial level" Guangdong Pearl River Chemical Key Engineering Technology R&D Center" and "Guangzhou Pearl River Chemical Enterprise Technology Center". In 2014, Pearl River Chemical Group finished the construction of a paint production base with an annual capacity of 70 thousand tons in Petrochemical Park of Gaolan Port, whose technology is domestically leading, adopting domestic advanced production equipment and quality control technique.

In order to create core-competitiveness of paint products, Vanlead Group focus on its brands "TV tower" "Green bamboo" to develop high-end anticorrosive paints for motor cars, automobiles and boats, and plans to build several production bases of paint materials by the implementation of investment and brand strategy and with the emphasis on the key direction of eco-friendly and waterproof paint material.

The Group commits to establish an upstream and downstream industry chain system of fine chemistry, based on the demand of key pillar industries of Guangzhou, Guangdong, to develop all sorts of fine chemicals or new materials of short-supply in Guangzhou, Guangdong. By the extension to upstream and downstream industry, Vanlead aims to enhance its competitiveness of fine chemistry so as to become a leader with famous brand, advanced technology, green production, and economic benefits in the fine chemical industry of South China Area.

  • Guangzhou Chemical Industrial Group Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou Pearl River Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou Pearl River Chemical Coating Co.,Ltd
  • Zhuhai Lifeng Chemicals Co.,Ltd
  • Wuzhou Huangpu Chemical Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
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