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Intensifying CPC Morality Building, Improving Awareness of Anti-Corruption and Discipline

Release time:2015-08-20

           To enhance CPC morality and discipline education and create a clean organizational atmosphere, SCTR, Pearl River Chemical Industry Group, Nanfang Soda ASH, Guangxiang Enterprises Group, Shuangyi, Property Company, Real Estate Company, Rubber Group, and so on organized tours for the CPC members at their companies to the exhibition of Mao Zedong on anti-corruption at the Memorial Site for Guangzhou Peasant Movement Institute, where an anti-corruption education activity was held.

           The exhibition was divided into two parts: Exhibition of Mao Zedong Photos on Anti-corruption and Mao Zedong’s Anti-corruption Thinking and Practice Since Founding of the People’s Republic of China. Through valuable historical photos, cultural relics, and copies, the exhibition showcased Mao’s revolutionary activities leading the Chinese revolution and construction for more than half a century, where he served as a role model in being clean, disciplined, and self-controlled, and made great contribution to the CPC morality and anti-corruption building; it made an introduction to Mao’s anti-corruption thinking and practice from the Revolutionary War to the period of transitioning to socialism, as well as the continuation and development of his thinking nowadays. This exhibition provided a vivid session of education on anti-corruption for the present CPC members.

           After the tour, those CPC members from Vanlead all said that they would learn from state leaders such as Mao Zedong and, by serving as a role model, develop the mindset of “continuity of CPC morality and anti-corruption development”; that they would strengthen their sense of responsibility featuring “one post, two responsibilities” and contribute to the forming of a “new normal” in rigorous self-governance of the CPC and enhancement of CPC morality.

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