Group Introduction
Guangzhou Vanlead group Co,. Ltd (original name "Guangzhou International Group Co,. Ltd.)founded in 2001,is a state-owned large industrial enterprise in Guangzhou,specializing in the fields of rubber tire, salt chemical and fine chemical with distinct regional and industrial advantage.

The group has owned 67 totally invested or holding subsidiaries, whose fields include rubber tire,soda ash,chlor-alkali,chemicals,rubber product,finance,real estate and so forth. The core subsidiaries are South China Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Chemical Industrial Group Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Nanfang Soda Ash Industrial Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Rubber Enterprise Group Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Pearl River Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd and Guangzhou Shuangyi Latex Products Co.,Ltd , with some top brands which have a reputation over the whole Guangzhou,the whole Guangdong Province,even China, such as Wanli,Bolex,Pearl River radial tire,Diamond motorcycle tire and bicycle tire,Double One condom and rubber glove, Television Tower paint, Bamboo paint, DongFeng epoxy resin adhesive, Shineng all-purpose adhesive and so on.

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